Avon Pump Clip

Copyright (C) 2013 Christopher Roberts

Licensed under the GPL v3 Licence


Having bought an inflatable Avon Redcrest dinghy on eBay, I found that the pump no longer had a clip holding the two halves together. I knew that the older models used to have a piece of leather attached to one half with holes that clipped over screws on the other half, but on this pump only the screws remained.

Newer pumps instead came with a plastic clip that attached to the pump hose and clamped the two halves together and I felt that it would be quite simple to replicate and so it proved. This was a simple design exercise and worked perfectly first time. I have since re-sold the dinghy and hope that the pump clip is still serving its new owner.

This project includes two designs, the first for the older design wooden pumps, and the second for the newer design plastic pumps. The newer design has not been tested as yet.



No special instructions.

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