Curtain Ring

Copyright (C) 2013 Christopher Roberts

Licensed under the GPL v3 - see


OpenSCAD design for a simple curtain ring. Fully parametric.


You can either use the STL provided, which will give you a 75mm diameter ring, with a 10mm thickness, or you can edit the .scad file to your own preferences.

Printing is a bit of an issue, the photos attached were printed with a small 6 ring raft 1mm away from the print. The results were not, as you can see, perfect. Surprisingly my spouse was happy with the results and I have been given the go-ahead to print the rest.

The .scad file has the ability to lower the print by the amount specified in zcrop, say 0.3mm, which might make it a little easier to print, at a cost of symmetry.

Anyway, see the photo attached and you can decide for yourself which way you would like to go. Please do add comments with your feedback.

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